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About Us

About UsZAM ZAM PUBLISHERS have the honour to be known as one of the pioneers of quality printing, publishing, distributing and exporting Islamic books worldwide, established since 1992. It is a matter of great pride to us that the seed sowed 16 years, back has germinated to blossom in to a tree which has started bearing fruit now. More than 400 various categories of Islamic books in different languages have been produced this during little period under the banner of ZAMZAM PUBLISHERS speaks volumes for the sincere and dedicated efforts put in by every individual who is attached with the organization. Some of our most popular publications of international fame are:

- Illuminating Discourses of Nobel Quran (5 Volumes)
- Quran Made Easy (Complete Tafseer of Quran in one volume)
- Riyad as-Salihin (1 volume)
- The Lives of Sahabah (R.A) (3 Volumes)

Our goal is to provide authentic Islamic books in Urdu, Arabic and English at competitive prices with impressive services. We have dozens of books in every segment like Qur'an & TafseerHadith & SeerahFiqhHistory & Biography,  Beliefs and Practices,  Comparative ReligionChildrenWomen and FamilyDuasGeneral Knowledge.

Major Export Destinations:  South Africa, U.S.A, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia,  Australia, Canada, Burma, Malaysia, United Kingdom, West indies, Afghanistan, Singapore...